About Therapy

I take an integrative approach to psychological therapy, informed by psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural theories regarding how people think, feel, behave and relate to one another. I work in short and long-term therapy. I will meet with you at the same time on the same day every week for fifty minutes. Therapy is a big commitment, and our sessions need to become part of your schedule for the period of time we work together. Weekly sessions are important so we can take care of the emotions that understandably arise from talking about your life. Meeting weekly also ensures continuity so you get the most benefit from the time, energy and financial resources you give to the therapeutic process. The length of therapy is always your decision, but is dependent on your needs, and we can discuss this together to ensure our work is helpful to you. I work with many different types of psychological problems, including depression, social anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I also work with clients who say their problems stem from relating to other people. This might be with family members, in romantic relationships, friendships, or people at work. I work collaboratively with my clients to formulate an understanding of their experiences, and determine what is preventing them from leading more satisfying lives.
I offer sessions in a central Leamington Spa consulting room.